Findaballer and Kid Goo Roo have partnered up  to make it easier to find, review, and rate existing programs in the area.  Findballer will be utilizing Kid Goo Roo’s free listing and business services.  Kid Goo Roos business services allows you to set up registration on their platform.  Many parents are searching daily to find programs for their children to participate. The platform functionality allows website integration to a registration platform and payment gateway. This simplifies the process for the parents with multiple children or even just one looking to participate in many different sports and activities.

KidGooRoo is the #1 source for parent-reviewed kids’ activities. They combine the industry’s only comprehensive listing of kids’ programs, classes, and camps with ratings and reviews from parents who have “been there and done that.” The result is an invaluable resource for parents to find and vet after school activities for their kids. Thousands of dollars, and hundreds of hours, are spent by families each year on kids activities – KidGooRoo helps ensure it’s time and money well spent.

Kid Goo Roo also focused on raising money to help education programs.  The goal of their fundraising activities is to drive reviews to help parents choose the activity that is best suited for their kids and to help businesses promote themselves. For every review written by a parent in their school during the length of the fundraiser, we donate money to their organization, whether it’s a PTA, PTO or education foundation.  KidGooRoo Kares program, as part of their mission statement; we would like to ensure all kids can participate in after-school activities, not just those who can afford them. To that end, we donate $ to KidGooRoo Kares everytime a parent writes a review. We have partnered with public schools to identify kids in need. The kids write letters about which activity they would like to participate and why. Parents ‘donate’ their review money to one of those kids.
Kid Goo Roo also holds camp fairs, where they invite local businesses and families out to “meet and greet”.   You can check their website for their next camp fair here.  Findaballer Inc. will be present at their next camp fair! And we hope to see you there as well!
Kid Goo Roo Team with a child

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