Findaballer presents:Mechanicsburg Recreation Basketball Clinic

Findaballer is working with Mechanicsburg Recreation to bring you a  basketball clinic for the 2020 season. The clinic is located at Mechanicsburg Recreation . Findaballer recruits and staffs instructors for sports programs. Blake Hamilton, co-founder , of the Findaballer brand assists in planning and developing programs in the Mechanicsburg, Camp Hill, and Cumberland county communities.

Teaching the basics will always be essential.

Why Findaballer?

Findaballer has been providing services in the tristate area for over a decade.  We work with local instructors, coaches, and volunteers to bring the basic fundamentals to any local municipality, community facility, schools, and families.  Our children need sports now more than ever.

Findaballer Inc, recruits, trains, and staffs instructors for sports programs. You can download our app or sign up on our website.