Findaballer: Online Training

Pandemic Sparks Demand for Virtual Training

Findaballer Inc. Is providing virtual online basketball training and fitness instruction during this pandemic. Click here to sign up online.

Social Distancing

In the United States and around the world, the federal and local government are encouraging social and physical distancing guidelines. COVID-19 has been labeled as a pandemic. You can check daily CDC (Center for Disease Control) for updates here.

How to Train Online

In order to train online certain technologies are necessary. Depending on the age of the participant will require certain adjustments in the drills provided but overall here is a mandatory list of essential options prior to having an online session:

  • 1-2 Basketballs
  • Cones are helpful (optional)
  • iPhone, iPad, Android device, or Mac or windows desktop or laptop with camera.
  • A secure and private wireless connection
  • A Loudspeaker, typically a bluetooth device.
  • Must have FaceTime, Google Duo, Skype, Or Zoom to establish a secure connection.
  • Depending on the age and size of the client will determine the space needed but typically a client need a five foot radius to perform drills safely.
Keep your child working with our program.


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