Who Is Elizabeth Too Much Cambage?

She’s tall, beautiful, and dominant. Please don’t let the smile fool you, she will absolutely bang on you or just drop 53 points on your team. Liz Cambage is one of those players who control their own destiny, and our newest “hometown athlete”.

The Climb To The Top

Liz Cambage is one of those overseas imports who makes noise wherever she goes. She was raised in Mornington Peninsula Australia and slowly became undeniably fearless in her pursuit to perform and live life on her own terms. Ms. Cambage started playing basketball at 10 years old , and hasn’t looked back since. Standing at 6’8 she quickly understood that she was different, more so special is the word. Her height was god given, but her determination and passion came from her life in Australia. 

Liz worked hard to get where she is today and her star began to shine while playing in the Under-20 Australian National Championships. Her professional career started at 16 and she’s been showing the world just how good she is, and scary enough, how she might be getting better. As her confidence grew, so did her numbers. She was called up from the junior team to play with Dandenong Rangers’ WNBL pro squad and quickly turned heads. Her next stop would be the Australian Institute of Sport in 2007 for the rest of the season, where she received a scholarship to develop her skills further. 

By 2009-2010 Liz was receiving high salary offers to play in China and countries throughout Europe she was only 18 years old, and the world was at her feet. But in a move most people wouldn’t even consider, Ms. Cambage rejected the money, and decided to stay home and play for her hometown team the Bulleen Boomers. She did something shocking, she chose to learn and grow, over the money. This would prove fruitful for her as her game bloomed under the guidance of legendary head coach Tom Maher. Liz would lead the league in scoring and blocks with 22 points and 2.8 blocks a game, all while shooting an astounding 59.6 percent from the field. She would also earn a spot on the WNBL All-Star Five team. 

Liz would go on to dominate the stage of the 2010 FIBA World Championship for Women, and continue to help the Australian Opals destroy teams around the world. They would beat out powerhouse teams like Spain and the US in the Salamanca Invitational Tournament. Although they would fall to the Czech Republic in the quarterfinals of the FIBA World Championships, Liz had made her statement loud and clear, she was good and a force to be reckoned with. 

At 19 years old she led the Boomers to a 19-3 record, defending her scoring title averaging 22.3 points per game to go along with 8.2 rebounds and a 58.9% field goal percentage. That season also saw Liz become MVP and now she would be called Champion as the Boomers defeated Canberra to finally possess the WNBL title. Now the WNBA had their eyes on the prize that is Liz Cambage, and Liz found herself being selected second overall in the 2011 WNBA Draft.

Her rookie season saw many bumps and bruises, but 19 year old Liz would still make the WNBA All-Star team and have an immediate impact in the more physical WNBA league. The following year saw Liz performing for the Australian team in the 2012 Olympics, and Liz becoming the first and only woman to dunk in an Olympic game while defeating Russia, and taking home the Bronze medal. 

Ms. Cambage wasn’t done yet, she would go off to play for Chinese team Zhejiang Chouzhou for an eye opening $400,000 contract. Liz would earn every dime too, averaging 36 points and shooting 79% from the field. She was again setting records being one of the highest paid women’s basketball players in the world. Her journey’s would take her back to the WNBA where she would set more records being the the first women to drop 53 points in a game against the Liberty. This would be the most points scored in a WNBA game, and we don’t think it was a surprise to those who knew her. 

Ms. Cambage would go on to play for more teams in China, the WNBA, and her home country. There’s so much more to this wonderful athlete, but we would be typing forever if we tried to paint the full picture. Check out her “player profile” to see more of where Liz dominated around the world. 


Liz has used her voice and her celebrity to speak up about descrimination, and pay disparity. Being a person who was bullied at a young age for her height, Ms. Cambage knows all too well the damages it can cause in one’s life. Liz has rarely been shy and why should she, she’s earned everything she’s received. Check out her interview in Australian Women’s Health Magazine and see why she’s more than just a tall basketball player, she’s all woman. 

The Future Is Bright

When Lis isn’t tearing up every league she walks into, you can find her posing for the camera and delivering beautiful photos for the world to see. She’s making herself into a brand and a force outside of the basketball world. Her DJing skills aren’t bad either, but we see a world of opportunities for a talented, and beautiful woman like Elizabeth “Too Much” Cambage. Please join us in wishing this amazing woman and “hometown athlete” the best of luck. And be sure to check out her instagram @ecambage  to see what we’re talking about.