Who is Jesse Filayyyy Jones

We all know the name “Filayyyy”, but did you know he’s a New Jersey native that can really Ball?

We all know the name “Filayyyy”, but did you know he’s a New Jersey native Named Jesse Jones? Mr. SkipThruDatLane, or legally known as Jesse Jones is more than just a funny and high energy internet sensation. He actually really balls out and never gave up on himself. There’s a lot online about him now, but that wasn’t always the case and one day we hope to hear his story of triumph as he’s clearly elevated to another level in life. 

The Climb To The Top– Many people fight hard to make it in sports and Jesse Jones is no exception, the league is paradise for a ball players, but success still feeds the soul. Filayyyy didn’t get to where he is now by not fighting. He played two years at Passaic Community College before ascending to a higher division of basketball. For the next two years he found himself playing at the University of Bridgeport in Connecticut, averaging 12.5 points and 2.5 rebounds a game in his career as he helped his team get to the NCAA tournament in his junior year. He also shot 43.8 percent from the field and 41.6 percent from three, and if you know basketball you know that’s a walking bucket that can go off at any given moment.  Mr. Jones eventually worked his way to the NBA G League Prospects Invitational where he was good enough to catch the eyes of other coaches. His ability to handle the ball and find his way to the basket gave him enough notoriety to be signed by a Canadian team the St.John Edge in the NBLC. Here he averaged almost 12 points a game and shot nearly 40% from the field, so yes Filayyyy can actually ball. 

Humility– Among all his accomplishments, the one we love the most is the fact that he gives back to the game. Many of us do the same, but not too many of us have created a platform for ourselves the way he has. It’s easy to get side tracked and forget where you came from but Mr. Jones does what some current and former athletes tend to do, he trains the youth. His social media may be plastered with hilarious highlights with his voice overs, but you can find him showing the youth how to train to be better on the court. This quality will always be one we at Findaballer praise and admire in all devoted athletes/trainers around the world. 

The Future Is Bright– The character of an individual will always shine through, even if it’s through your cell phone screen. Time reveals all and time has only been good to Filayyyy. As of now there’s nothing showing that it won’t continue to bless him along the way. So to Mr. Jesse Jones, we thank you for being you and for passing the torch to the next generation. We know there’s more to come, and we like everyone else can’t wait to see your next big move. 

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Enjoy these videos of him doing his thing, and see if you can catch the one and only J Rob ( Justin Robinson) from Monmouth University  giving him the alley in this highlight. 

We can all see his game online but this is why he’s more than a basketball player. This video is why he’s successful in life and not just on the court. How many guys do you know are comfortable being themselves and doing this in their college interview video, lol.