My Story My Journey

Everyone has a story to tell, have a listen to Desi’s incredible journey.

No more Suit and Tie

Everyone sees the Glory but no one sees the Journey. Desi is no super man but it doesn’t take super powers to have heart and fight. From the moment he walked out of college, Desi has been chasing his dream. From workouts with current NBA Pros, to almost taking a job back home, to making his name known overseas. He’s been fighting for his spotlight his whole life, so it comes as no surprise that he’s gone through the ups and downs of the Pro circuit.
The road is never an easy one to travel, there are countless men and women who chase this dream only to fall short. Desi has chased it from Pennsylvania all the way to Turkey with a few stops in between.

The Journey Continues

Desi’s journey is a story you have to hear to understand, we say “finding a home” when your looking for a team to play for in the long run. His story will let you know finding a home was not easy, but he’s certainly found a great apartment for now. He’s a small guard with big plans, and we think he’ll be just fine.
-2015 Left St.Peter’s University
-Trained at UC Santa Barbara
-NBA workouts with Josh Richardson, Frank Kaminski, Jahlil Okafor, Kelly Oubre Jr., Stanley Johnson, Harrison Twins, Joe Young, etc.
-Played in front of 150 NBA scouts
-2016 Linked with GM of New Orleans Pelicans for NBA Summer League
Check out the rest of his timeline in our short My Story My Journey video. And let’s wish Desi Washington good luck.

No Fear

He’s living proof that if you stick to your plan and listen to your heart, you will find success. His opportunities came unexpectedly and he worked hard to build on them. Never falling victim to the big names surrounding him, and always playing his game the way he trained for it.