Montverde Academy defeats St Rose High School | 2/3/24

Montverde vs St. Rose

The No. 1 high school basketball team, Montverde Academy from Florida,took on St Rose of Belmar in New Jersey.  The Metroclassic Basketball Tournament hosted this match at the Franklin High School Arena.

Montverde Academy vs St Rose

Coach Kevin Boyle

Montverde Academy is coached by Kevin Boyle, a veteran recruiter and coach with heavy roots in New Jersey.  Kevin played at St. Peter’s University and holds an assist record as a point guard.  Kevin coached St Patricks in Elizabeth before he took the job at MVA. He left in 2011 after he was unable to get the Monmouth University head job.

Montverde vs. St. Rose

Coach Kevin Boyles style is simplistic on the court but precise with their recruiting. Their team touts 4-5 Division 1 student athletes. On the court their players keep it simple. Ball movement, executing sets, and they get the ball where they want based on the tremendous talent of the players.  Needless to say, you can’t make mistakes against Montverde Academy.

Coach Brian Lynch

St. Rose High School is coached by Brian Lynch. A former Villanova Wildcat, and overseas professional athlete turned coach. Brian played for 10+ years overseas as a 6’5’’ versatile point and shooting guard. In Belgium, where he played and coached, Brian started a family and moved back to his hometown in Belmar, NJ.

In his third season as coach for St. Rose Brian has led his program to a 21-2 record heading into the shore conference playoffs. St. Rose is currently No.1 in the state.  Coach Brian Lynch preaches certain innovations of European play but is also similar style to Boyle. Simple sets, ball screens and playing two man game out of the corners. Coach encourages all his players to be aggressive and take advantage of the options in a particular set.

Montverde vs. St. Rose

Montverde Academy

  • Cooper Flagg
  • Liam Mcneeley
  • Derik Queen
  • Robert Wright
  • Curtis Givens
  • Ace Flagg
  • Asa Newell-Injured

St Rose

  • Matthew Hodge
  • Giovanni Panzini
  • Jayden Hodge
  • Evan Romano
  • Brian Ebeling
  • Tyler Cameron
  • Avery Lynch
  • Luke Roman
  • Brennan Sherman
  • Andrew Romano

The Game

The Montverde vs. St. Rose contest finished in the second quarter going into the half. St Rose was down 20 and Montverde was figuring out St Rose weaknesses. 

Derik Queen

The first quarter started out pretty quick. Derik Queen literally went to work. Queen got to the line on the first possession of the game. Also, driving down court spinning and crab dribbling to wherever he wanted to get his buckets.  His post play was decisive and quick.  He was able to score seamlessly with his back to the basket.  It was a difficult matchup for St. Rose and Queens early assault helped to set the tone as other players were stifled by the sound team defense of St. Rose.

Montverde vs St. Rose Montverde vs. St. Rose

Matthew Hodge

Matthew Hodge, a Villanova commit, powered the offensive assault with back door cuts, threes, and assists to his teammates. Brian Ebeling and Evan Romano made attempts at the basket to try and loosen up the defense. Some shots fell but not enough. Giovanni Panzini one of the strongest 2 way players for St Rose, had early foul trouble.  His bench time helped solidify the montverde lead as matchups were an issue.

Cooper Flagg

The number one ranked high school player in the country,  started out a little slow. Cooper hit an early three, but with a no call travel and getting cookied by Jayden Hodge. Subsequently, the crowd was chanting overrated while the MVA team continued to struggle to get things going outside of Queen.

By the end of the first quarter the game was very close. 15-12 (MVA) The second quarter made a turn for the worse for the Roses. Defensively, MVA started doubling the ball when St Rose passed  half court, sometimes earlier.  This caused some forced shots, not getting back on defense for easy conversions, and of course, turnovers.

Montverde vs. St. Rose

Offensively Liam Mcneely opened it up with an emphatic dunk off a curl. Robert Wright, hit a corner 3 pointer to extend the lead on a baseline out of bounds. And of course Cooper Flagg breaking to catch an elaborate alley Oop thrown by Queen.

By the end of the second quarter it was 40-21.

The entire second half was a 20-30 point game with mostly Montverde Highlights check out the video  and see for yourself.