Lets Look Forward

Are we thankful for what we had, and what we currently have now? Are we finally going to understand the importance of being outside and being engaged in some form of physical fitness? This little monster called COVID-19 is destroying lives around the world, and holding the human population hostage in their own homes. I am certain that we as humans will get through these times and come out better than before.

In the streets of NYC, life has changed, despite the inactivity, essential has a new meaning.

Be Grateful

We must not dwell on the horrors but look toward the betterment of ourselves and the ones we love. This pandemic shines a light on the importance of the word “appreciation”. We should appreciate our loved ones while they’re with us, appreciate all the moms and dads who drove us to train and play our favorite sport. Even after they’ve worked a 40 plus hour work week.


We should also appreciate the simple fact that we can run, jump, climb, and play together without worry. This is not just a message for the youth, this is for people of all ages. As adults we sometimes exempt ourselves from things we may see as childish. We forget we were once young and forget how amazing it felt to just play. It will always be important to interact with different people, play different sports, and stay active and healthy. Today’s situation should prove that to you as you sit inside, most likely bored out of your mind.

A father looks on in New Jersey while his son practices social distancing.


Take time to see what we’ve all taken for granted and make it a point to be better once this is all over. We are all certainly in this together, and when we get out, we will be together once more. So, stay safe, stay prepared, and know that change will come.

In the streets of Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania. The stay-at-home order has everyone in isolation.