Marine Johannes

“The Female Steph Curry” or as we call her “The Roadrunner”, is a WNBA player whose star is still rising.

The Climb To The Top

Marine Johannes remained steadfast as a young player. Her growth has raised eyebrows at the highest level.

Who is She/Her?

Who is Marine Johannes? She was born in Lisieux France and played for France in the FIBA U18 Division A European Championship. It wouldn’t be much later that the world (WNBA, FIBA) would know her name. Like many European basketball players, Ms. Johannes was a pro at a young age. At 20 years old she didn’t break onto the scene destroying the competition, instead she worked for it. Her first couple of seasons with French team USO Mondeville was less than what you would expect from the now star.

Marine Johannes: Tough Times Don’t Last

She struggled to find her game but never allowed her struggles to destroy her dreams and goals. From 2011-2012 to her 2015-2016 season the “Roadrunner” would steadily grow into a dependable and almost un-guardable player. As her minutes increased, so did her output. She would go from averaging 3 points a game to averaging 14 points, 4 rebounds, and 4 assists a game during her last season at Mondeville. 

Marine Johannes: Keep Climbing

Ms. Johannes would take her show on the road playing for Tango Bourges Basket from 2016- 2019. In typical fashion, Marine started calm and finished as a full-blown storm. Averaging 15 points, 4 assist, and 2 rebounds. She also recorded her first double-double while on her way to becoming a human highlight and a dependable teammate.

Marine Johannes: Growth

Her growth as a player would continue as she signed with LDLC Asvel Feminin in 2019-2020. This time she would make her impact immediately averaging 11 points, 2 rebounds, and 3 assists a game. Marine would set her season high with 28 points against BLMA Lattes Montpellier. Ms. Johannes would help solidify LBLC (Lyon) as a champion by capturing the title in France, and as a result winning the Match des Champions trophy. This would help propel the Lionesses into the Euro league continuing to build to her resume. Her performance would impress more than her club President and former NBA champion Tony Parker.  M.J. would also catch the eyes of the WNBA. 

Marine Johannes: The Next Level

But for her next trick she would take her game overseas to America. The “Roadrunner” would sign with the New York Liberty notifying the WNBA of her arrival in style. Her ability to create high quality shots for herself and her teammates was immediate and undeniable. She had flair and confidence, both of which was honed in her home country of France. 

Marine Johannes: The RoadRunner

But it was her pace of play that caught our eyes, Marine plays at a high intense pace where she seems like she is a roadrunner that shifts into gears. “Google old cartoon flicks of Wile E. Coyote and The Road Runner to get a picture in your head, lol.” Her ability to utilize her quickness mixed with a solid pull up jump shot has made her a player to watch. She would go on to play for the Liberty as well as the Lionesses, and we can’t wait to see more of her. 


Marine Johannes’ focus and temperament are but some of her strengths.

Not much is known of Marine outside of her professional career. Her flair for the dramatic seems to hold its place on the basketball court. This suits us just fine as it shows a very calm and mature demeanor. Her love for the game shines through when you see her compete, she’s having fun and fighting to win games. We would love to see her do some training,  passing along her skills and knowledge to future young ladies chasing the same dream she has caught. 

The Future Is Bright

As Marine Johannes becomes a household name in France, her professional prowess separates her from her opponents.

Marine Johannes has a bright future indeed, she’s recently signed a two year extension with the Liberty and is also continuing her career in her home country with Lyon as she fights for another championship while preparing for the Olympics. She’s young, talented, and driven. Stay tuned for more from this amazing lady, join us in wishing her luck and be sure to check out her “player profile” here at 

2021-2022 Update

Marine Johannes is playing in Lyon, France but still eyeing the WNBA.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic in 2019-2020, Marine forgoed her season with the NY liberty. 2020-2021, she was said to have FIBA/Euroleague obligations.  She is projected to return 5/2022.

Marine is currently playing for Lyon. She is averaging 13 points per game 5 assists and 4 rebounds in Euroleague games stats .  You can view her full-current stats on Libs abroad, a website by the NY liberty to keep you informed on the teams and individual progress. click here or below to see Marine’s player profile.