Who Is Odicci Alexander?

Odicci Alexander aka “The Fearless One” was a star pitcher for JMU and a crowd favorite.

The Climb To The Top

She has softball in her blood, and was raised and taught by her grandfather. Her grandfather was a huge influence in helping her hone her skills as a child. She also had an unusual way of building strength and accuracy. It was said that she’d throw softballs at concrete blocks in her backyard, with a painted circle in the middle as the target. Alexander was striking out her uncles as a 9-year-old. It was clear Odicci would not just be your average ball player. 

But things didn’t always work out the way she wanted. She wasn’t heavily recruited in high school, though she shined and worked hard at her craft. It was by accident that her abilities were finally recognized.

The JMU scout who found her in Virginia was actually at a game to see someone else, but quickly figured out that the school needed someone with Alexander’s work ethic, attitude and talent. She’s a true underdog story, and the one thing we know about underdogs is they have bite. 

Let’s be clear, she has a lot of hardware. The accolades section of her JMU bio is almost too lengthy to fit on one page. She compiled a career 2.13 ERA with 55 complete games in 101 starts during five seasons, with 709 strikeouts over 635 1/3 innings. She also hit .338 with 39 homers. But feel free to check out her stats  Here.


With praises from her coaches, and teammates. It’s easy to see the kind of person she is without actually knowing her. Most times, others will praise the athletic abilities of their best players, but everyone surrounding her seems to praise the person she is. This speaks volumes and shines brighter than her performance, which is very hard to do. 

When asked  about the game after JMUs World Series exit, she replied. 

“Honestly, my 9-year-old self, I never would have thought I would have been here because I was on my couch watching this at this age,” she said. “Just being here, I honestly have no words, but to people who are watching, I hope I inspired you to be yourself and be the best version of yourself.” 

The Future Is Bright

 We have no idea where she’ll end up, but we do know that wherever it is, she will shine bright. Her work ethic and personality is contagious and will take her even further in life. We can’t wait to see her evolution, and we’re excited to introduce this Hometown Athlete. Thank you for being you Ms. Alexander, and best of luck.

Highlight Video

Check her out and, hear her words.