Who Is Vince Pease Mr. Official

It’s the most hated position in sports, some call them the police of sports games. They’ve been boo’d, spit at, cursed at, and even threatened. But we often forget that they are just human beings, doing a job. The official position is not a position you do for fame, money, and glory. It’s a thankless job, and it’s losing men and women to work and keep our kids games going. Today’s Hometown Athlete is doing the most hated job in sports, but he didn’t walk straight off the streets and become an Referee, he earned his stripes.

The Climb To The Top

Vince Pease has a wealth of experience in athletics. He earned his way through many levels. Read more about his path to success.

Today’s officials are not like the ones of old, more and more ex-players are suiting up, and wearing the stripes. Their love and passion for the sport drew them back. Despite their bodies denying them the ability to continue playing. Vince Pease is one of those individuals who have found their way back home. 

Who is Vincent Pease?

Home is where the heart is, the basketball court was a place we went to in order to escape the outside world, and understand hard work mixed with teamwork. Vince Pease played baseball basketball his entire life and it started at Bishop McDevitt in Pennsylvania. And yes, he actually played basketball. Mr. Pease amassed a little under 1500 career points and was close to the mountain top of high school sports. He’s played against our very own Hall of Fame basketball player Blake Hamilton, and many others.

Playing Career

Additionally, Vince was the second leading scorer behind teammate Ronny Lemelle who scored over 1600 points and ended up at Auburn University. Vince has played the game and played it well. He’s even hit a game winner in high school, not too many players can say that, and even less parents. He continued his career at Kutztown University, playing 4 years, and over 100 games. 

After College

After graduating with his BA in Business Management he went back home to play for the Harrisburg Horizon for two years. It wasn’t long before he became a PIAA Official. Becoming an official has given him back the ability to stay on the court, and the satisfaction to see the future of the sport. He’s more than a guy officiating your kid’s games, or division 2 or 3 level games. He’s a player who knows and understands the importance of each play. He makes it clear that his mission is to not be seen or heard, a mission that most officials strive for. But perfection is a myth, and we as players, parents, and coaches need to understand this.

Official Card

Furthermore, the next time you see him in one of these leagues  Landmark MAC, Centennial CSAC, NEAC, or the  CACC and MEC. Show a little love, and understand that he can probably ball you out on the court. 


Mr. Pease has scoring titles, a college degree, and many other achievements. The sacrifice to officiate is intertwined with his passion for the game.

PIAA Official

Mr. Pease was a basketball official for the PIAA, and the organization is losing fresh bodies who are willing to do the job. Officials take the brunt of criticism and blame, but they show up to keep the games going. Outside of their day jobs, these men and women are there to help our kids.  Mr. Pease and others are doing the community a real service. 

The Future Is Bright

Mr. Pease aspires to get to the next level of officiating. He is equipped and willing to take the next step.

Vincent Legacy

Vince Pease has steadily climbed the ladder to success. As a player, a college graduate, and even as an official. He’s done it by the book, and he’s still succeeding. With all the accolades to his name, he pushes forward and sets his goals even today. He wants to make it to the Division 1 level of officiating and we believe he absolutely will. So join us in wishing this Hometown Athlete good luck.