Who is Zaila Avant Garde?

As if her name wasn’t unique enough, this week’s Hometown Athlete has been achieving more in her 14 years on Earth than many people achieve in a lifetime. Her uniqueness doesn’t stop at her name, and we couldn’t be more blown away at Zaila “The Amazing” Avant Garde. Check out what she’s done, and where she plans to go.

The Climb To The Top

Who is Zaila Avant Garde? A masterful skillset and goal oriented individual.

Zaila Avant-garde was born in 2007, in Harvey, Louisiana. Her parents homeschooled her and her siblings. The process has paid huge dividends. Her first feat to conquer happened when she first started dribbling a basketball at 5 years old. She received a Guinness World Record book at the age of eight.  From there she set her sights on being a world record holder. 

Zaila: “The Amazing”

And what Zaila sets her mind to, she achieves. She would go on to get not one, but three world records for the most dribbles in one minute. First with three basketballs, then her second was the most bounce juggles with four basketballs in one minute, and her third was for the most basketballs dribbled by one person simultaneously. To say she achieved her goal is an understatement, Zaila smashed it. But she wasn’t done yet, Zaila would go on to set her sights on making history.

Passion and Purpose

Her new goal had her locked into the Scripps National Spelling Bee. Most kids begin to practice for such a feat at a very young age.  And some starting as early as 5 years old. But Zaila only began several years ago. She would train rigorously to achieve this goal, and in 2019 she fell short tying for 370th place out of 600. This didn’t stop her though, by 2020 Zaila would go on to win the Kaplan University Online Spelling Bee, bringing her one step closer to her ultimate goal. 

Zaila Avant Garde: The 1st in History

On July 8, 2021, Zaila would achieve just that, she would become the first African American to win the Scripps National Spelling Bee. She would receive a trophy and $50,000 in cash but the biggest prize was achieving what she set out to do. This is what makes Zaila Avant-Garde such a special Hometown Athlete. Now think about your own goals and start chasing them today.


Zaila’s poise and family have equipped her to be great!

 Besides being featured in an Under Armor commercial alongside NBA star Steph Curry, and has performed alongside basketball legends, The Harlem Globetrotters. Ms. Avant-Garde has kept a level head and a laser focus on achieving the goals she has set forth for herself. With a support cast of her parents and siblings behind her, she has much more to offer the world, and she will continue to do it with humility and class. 

The Future Is Bright

Zaila Avant Garde is relentless in shattering goals she sets for herself.

Though she is only 14 years old and has achieved much, her future is beyond bright. Her ability to focus and chase her goals are a special trait, and we know this will take her very far in life. Her ultimate goals are to be an Archaeologist, a WNBA player, and to work with NASA. All which in our book are very achievable for Zaila “The Amazing” Avant Garde. Follow her at @basketballasart, and be sure to wish her luck on her journey.