Summer Shakedown

Summer Shakedown Basketball Tournament

Summer Shakedown Basketball Tournament at Silver Springs Township

Findaballer has teamed up with Silver Spring Recreation to showcase the Summer Shakedown Basketball Tournament. We’ve partnered with this community center to bring a great co-ed learning experience for all kids. The event will be located at Pleasant View Park. Further more Pleasant View Park resides in Cumberland Valley County and is open to the public.

The tournament is open to 5th, 6th, 7th, and 8th graders of all genders. Anyone in these following grades can sign up as a team. Additionally, there will be a team limit of 5 persons per team. Here is the link to sign up to the Summer Shakedown Registration.

You can register here at Silver Spring Recreation website.  To learn more about Findaballer and see what we are doing in your area , go to Findaballer About Us

Summer Shakedown Basketball Tournament

Summer Shakedown Tournament Rules

Game Length 

Summer Shakedown Basketball Tournament Games are in a result of 20 minutes (two 10-minute halves). Games are every 30 minutes, with each team playing a doubleheader each Saturday. In addition, there will be a 3-minute half time between periods.


Both courts will start on the horn, which will start the clock. In case of an injury on one half-court, the clock will stop, and play will stop on the other half-court until the game resumes. Subsequently, both teams will resume play at the same time. In conclusion the clock does not stop (except on injuries), and there are no timeouts permitted.

General League Info

  •  A coin flip prior to the game will determine first possession of the ball.
  •  The game is a half-court game with normal boundaries, with the mid-court line defining the playing area.
  • Slow Play: There will be no shot clock. However, it is a violation to “stall”, or attempt to “freeze” the ball during play.
  • Teams will develop their own pace of play and maintain this throughout the contest. Holding the ball or stalling will cause a turnover to the opposition.
  •  Defense gets possession after a score because we are not playing (make-it, take-it).
  •  On change of possession, steal, rebound, etc. The defensive team must take the ball outside the 3-point arc to establish itself as the offense. So even on an air ball, the defense must take the ball outside the arc.
  • On change of possession, a shot made without the ball taken outside the 3-point arc will count for the opposing team. The team that made the shot will keep possession.
  • The Defense can defend a team who is taking the ball outside the arc.
  • After a score, foul or out of bounds, the offense will begin possession at the top of the key. Teams must check the ball inbound to begin possession.

Fouls & Free Throws

  •  There will be one official and one scorekeeper in each game.
  •  Players playing will not foul out.
  • For all shooting fouls when the shot is made, the shooting team will get the made basket and one point. Possession will go to the opposing team.
  •  For all non-shooting fouls or shooting fouls the player shot that are not made, the other team on offense will get one point and keep possession.
  •  There are no points awarded for offensive fouls (i.e. player control, etc.).
  •  The officials will disqualify a player guilty of excessive play while playing in the tournament. Flagrant and intentional fouling are two examples.
  • Any player receiving two technical fouls will be ejected from the game. One point will be awarded to the opposing team after a technical foul.
  •  There are no free throws. The offended team gets possession of the ball at the top of the key.
  • Baskets will count as two or three points.


There will be no overtime. If the score is tied at the end of the second half, the game will end by shooting foul shots.

Summer Shakedown Basketball Tournament

Summer Shakedown Covid-19 Policies/Procedures

The summer shakedown tournament will operate in a modified environment because of Covid-19. This is also for the safety of the players, referees, parents, and spectators.  All State-guidelines and mandates will be adhered to (realizing the fluid environment for guidelines changing). Because of the CDC youth sports guidelines, we will additionally utilize safety protocols.

Safety Protocols

  • Masks will be optional.
  • We train Staff on covid-safety protocols.
  • Staff will inform everyone on safety protocols.
  • Parents are to follow these guidelines. And keep their children and others safe.
  • We will provide our staff with supplies such as disinfectant, gels, and wipes.

Summer Shakedown Basketball Tournament

Summer Shakedown Safety

The Summer Shakedown Basketball Tournament will permit the personnel in and on the basketball courts. And this includes players, coaches, and volunteers helping.

MASKS ARE OPTIONAL for everyone (while outside)

A player is to only use their own water bottle, which is to be marked with their name.

Disinfecting wipes are to be used regularly after each game on basketballs, and hands.