Who Is Antonio The ??? Brown?

The hammer has been coming down hard on this Hometown Athlete, but we can not soon forget how hard he worked to get where he is. He’s not as selfish and spoiled as one may think, he’s simply human. A human who persevered through tough times, and will find his way through these tough times as well. Let’s have a look at this Hometown Athlete, and wish him luck going forward. Who is Antonio “The ???” Brown?

The Climb To The Top

It was always a bumpy road to the top. But Antonio Brown has found his way through hard work on the field.

Who is Antonio Brown?

From a troubled past, to a troubled future. Hard work always saved him.

Antonio Brown was born in 1988 to Eddie Brown and Adrianne Moss, both who were great athletes in their own right. His pedigree is born for the gridiron, they gave his father the title “The Greatest Player Ever” in the AF2 League. This is no small feat in any American Football league, and what a great nickname he has. “Touchdown” Eddie Brown, so yea, Antonio was built to be dominant on the field. Not only that, but he’s overcome so many obstacles to get to where he is today.

Mr. Brown has rebuilt a relationship with his father and mother after the two separated when Antonio was a child. He then survived leaving home because of a stepfather, living with friends, and sleeping in a car. And even with having academic problems in school, he was still able to win the North Athlete of the Year title at the 2005 Miami-Dade Gridiron Classic. Most of us are just looking to get All County under normal circumstances.

AB: Mistake After Mistake

He would  miss entry into Florida State University because of his academic shortcomings. But Brown ended up spending a season at North Carolina Tech Prep, before getting a ride to Florida International University. That didn’t turn out well, and they dismissed him from the school before he could even get started. But somehow fate shined on Mr. Brown again. And he ultimately ended up at Central Michigan University, where he would show up and show out. After getting a fair shot, Antonio won Freshman Of The Year in the Mid- American Conference. Yea, that was easy huh, but Antonio was not done yet. 

After achieving too many amazing things to go into, he set the record for best single-season figures with 110 receptions, 1,198 receiving yards, and nine touchdowns. Mr. Brown would leave college early for the 2010 NFL Draft,  where he was the 32nd pick by the Pittsburgh Steelers. Fun fact, he wears number 84 because 32 teams passed him up (8×4) equals 32. But back to Antonio.

Antonio Brown: Hard work 

By 2013 he broke the 1997 record by Yancey Thigpen for single-season team record of 1,398 receiving yards. He also joined teammate Hines Ward to become the second Steeler to amass at least 100 receptions in a season. And by the end of the 2014 season, Antonio made three new team records for 129 receptions, 1698 receiving yards, and 13 touchdowns. “But wait, there’s more”. In 2015, he entered the NFL’s 200 all-time receiving yards list with a career total of 5,587 yards, surpassing Steelers legend Lynn Swann. During the season, he surpassed his own record with 136 receptions for 1,834 yards and 10 touchdowns. He also set two records for most receptions in a two-year and a three-year span.

Antonio Brown: What Else?

“We’ll keep going”. While in his 2016 season, he entered the NFL top 100 all-time. He’s also in the top 100 for career receptions, and career receiving yards respectively. By the end of the season, Mr. Brown became the second-best player in career receptions and the third best in career receiving yards for the Steelers. He would go on the following year to finish the 2017 season leading the league with 1,533 receiving yards.

Here’s a side note: Back in time, in 2011, Antonio Brown became the first player in NFL history to have over 1000 receiving yards and return yards in the same season. He also became the first player with at least 125 receptions in two straight seasons 2014-15.

Antonio Brown

2023 Update

Antonio Brown, also known as “AB”, is not signed to any NFL team as of September 2023. The 35-year-old wide receiver last played in the NFL for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers during a late-season game in 2021. Tampa released him after that game, and no team has considered signing him since. 

Brown has been focusing on his music career. He released his first rap album, Paradigm, in April 2022. He has been seen promoting his music and doing live events and shows. Brown is set to make his return to football, but not in the NFL. He owns the Albany Empire of the National Arena League. Antonio plans to play for the Empire this season, and as early as their next home game on May 27. He is expected to become pro football’s first owner-player since George Halas.