Who Is BSMD?

They say “it takes a village to raise a child”, but somehow we’ve forgotten this old wise proverb. This is exactly what BSMD is all about, and they’ve been staying true to the words of “Brothers & Sisters Making a Difference”.

It’s A Harrisburg Affair

BSMD is a non-profit organization created to help with the youth and community.


BSMD is a Harrisburg Pennsylvania based organization that focuses on building the community for every man, woman, and child. They’re goal is to make their hometown a place of peace, love, and understanding allowing the youth to grow mentally and physically. They’re home grown and work to build a better Harrisburg every day.


If you don’t believe us, take it from their own words, “BSMD IS devoted to instilling morals and cultivating high self-esteem to develop young males and females through Academic Enrichment, Community Service, Arts/Music, and Athletics. Our focus is to change the negative mindset. To begin Thinking, Speaking and Living POSITIVE, Together! We believe in the Nigerian proverb, it takes a village to raise a child, We ARE that Village.

These aren’t just words on a screen or flyer, this is what they live by this is the creed they follow, and the mantra they breathe. BSMD has literally grown up in the Harrisburg area as all the founders, coaches, and mentors are either born and raised, or lived there so long, they don’t know anywhere else they truly call home.

The Harrisburg Crew

Who is BSMD? It is a village of our brothers and sisters willing to work with our community.

Like we said, it’s a Harrisburg affair, and we meant it. These individuals are the backbone of BSMD, and true citizens of the Burg. Allow us to introduce:

Ellis Proctor

Ellis Proctor, another born and raised Harrisburg product. He played high school basketball at Susquehanna Township from 95-98. A member of the state championship team in ’97, honorable mention Mid-Penn awardee, and played college basketball at Dickinson College where he graduated with a bachelor’s degree in international business and Management. He’s coached AAU and for the Susquehanna Township JV team 2012-2013, and also at CD East for their JV team in 201. He founded BSMD in 2007 as a non-profit mentoring organization, and he hasn’t stopped his quest for making positive change in his community.

Demone Maxwell

Demone Maxwell is a Harrisburg, PA born and raised, coach and mentor for BSMD. He’s played basketball for Harrisburg High School from 95-98. Demone is a district champion, a state champion in 98, 1st team All State (and the 1st in his school’s history). Demone played college basketball at Iowa Western, and later coached Harrisburg’s freshman team from 2013- present, he’s also assistant coached the CD East high school team from 2015-2018. He possesses an associate degree in Criminal Justice and a bachelor’s in criminology and Sociology. He’s worked with juveniles for 20 years.

Quincy Edrington

Q is another Harrisburg native. He played high school ball at Harrisburg High school 92-94 and played his college ball at Thaddeus Stevens College 1996; Harrisburg Area Community College (HACC) 2004. He also won a PA Athletic Collegiate Conference State Champion (HACC) 2004. He joined BSMD as a youth volunteer coach in 2019.

Sydney Davis

Sydney Davis, Harrisburg product, born and raised, she also played basketball at CD East High School 2016-2018. She’s been a youth and adult trainer since 2019, the Harrisburg girl’s freshman coach from 2021-2022, and is a part of the Special Education department for kids with autism in the Harrisburg School District.

Steven Stoney Jr.

Steven Stoney Jr., who also played for Harrisburg High School from 2011-2013. He was a captain of the Harrisburg district championship team in 2013, a Patriot News Big 15 in 2013, and played his college ball at East Stroudsburg University 2014-2018. He graduated with a Bachelors in Sociology and minor in Criminal Justice.  Upon finishing school, he coached the Harrisburg Freshman Basketball team 2021, and currently teaches Science.

There are so many who make BSMD work that we couldn’t possibly name them all, but between parents, volunteers, and founders. This organization has picked up steam and doesn’t plan to stop delivering a positive message for the community. It’s always great to see former athletes giving back and making a difference.

The Future is Bright

BSMD has become a staple in the community.

BSMD has been on a roll the last couple of years, and they’re looking to do even more. This past summer was a success with their BMD Brotherhood Summer Basketball Tournament. The community came out for peace, love, and basketball. This positive showing is what BSMD is striving to continue to bring all year round. They’ve adjusted as the weather has changed, and now are bringing this positive mind frame inside. With a free 10 week Basketball and Life Skills Program at the YMCA on 6th street in Harrisburg, things are sure to keep moving in the right direction. They’ve named this program “The Village” for obvious reasons, because it really does ” take a village to raise a child”. Keep helping to raise strong young men and women BSMD, we at Findaballer are proud to showcase such a great program.