Who Is Levi Little Beast Mode Dupree

He’s small, but he has big dreams, and he’s fully preparing himself to run them over one by one. Meet our smallest Hometown Athlete Levi Dupree, and listen to him speak to his love of sports and practicing.

The Climb To The Top

Levi Dupree at 7 years old and a contagious smile, his progress as a student athlete is admirable.

Little Dupree is a young man who’s well on the path to success. His love for the sport comes from within and explodes outward whenever he touches a football. He’s an innocent child with a passion for the game of football, and his Father understands just how important it is to nurture positive activities from a young age. 

You can find him behind Levi with a resistance band tied to a football, trying to strip young Dupree to teach him the importance of holding on to the ball, and staying determined. 

Between drills, reps in his training sessions, and playing football games for the Tri- Community Panthers, little Dupree is a very busy young man. Levi is just one of many kids chasing the same dreams in the CFA Youth Football League, but his determination at such a young age has us thinking he will be amongst the special breed of athletes. 

Levi has only been playing a short time, but he’s made big noise since. In a state where football runs in the blood, Levi will be in good hands, and amongst the best competition the North East has to offer. 


Levi Dupree’s humble beginnings start with true love, passion, and integrity.

Though he’s too young to fully understand how important the work he’s doing now will be. It’s even more important to be in the right hands. And with a program whose motto is “to develop and maintain a properly supervised youth development league. While encouraging mental and physical growth through trained instruction and keen competition. An emphasis will be placed on self discipline and moral values, academic achievement, and social skills”. We think little Dupree will be fine, as long as he has his father, and loved ones by his side, he will go far. 

The Future Is Bright

Levi Dupree has pure passion for the sport of football. Enjoy his growth.

 His life has just begun, but we see a very bright future for Levi. His love for practice will only help him in even more ways than just football. He’s building good habits for life, and taking no prisoners on the field. But this interview shows you one thing, he’s still just a kid playing football and having fun. So wish him good luck and check out his highlight clips and interview on our youtube page.