Who Is Steve Stay Humble Novosel

Who is Coach Steve Novosel? He’s built himself from the bottom up and now he’s trying to do the same for young men in a challenging environment. This week’s spotlight shines bright on Pennsylvania’s own Steve Novosel at Northeast Highschool in Philadelphia.

The Beginning

Who is Steven Novosel? Read about his journey.

Who is Steve “Stay Humble” Novosel? He is a product of hard work and perseverance. Growing up in the Harrisburg area of Pennsylvania, Mr. Novosel attended Central Dauphin High school. He played all four years on the basketball teams. Steve was no stranger to hard work as he fought to get playing time and earn his position on every team. Including, playing on the same team as our very own Hall of Famer Blake Hamilton. Mr. Novosel’s character was one of sturdy integrity and this showed when he decided to go into the Pennsylvania National Guard. Steve is currently still serving his country. 

Steven Novosel: Military Service

Not only has he been on duty for 20 years, a teacher for thirteen years, but he’s also a dedicated basketball coach for over six years at Northeast High School in Philadelphia. Steve got his start in coaching while attending Shippensburg University, where he became a volunteer assistant.

After college he would go on to teaching and becoming a JV coach for Simon Gratz High School, Frankford High School, and has now found a home at Northeast High School. Steve seems right at home in Philly and has been doing much to uplift the youth who seem to be dragged down by their environment. 

Coach Novosel: Basketball Coach

Mr. Novosel uses basketball as a way to empower the youth in a rough area. Basketball is a tool for him to help teach these young men important characteristics in life. He calls it the 4 Pillars: Grit, Gratitude, Selflessness, and Integrity. Coach “Novo” uses these values to help develop their character. In hopes to help drive them to be successful in life. By establishing the mentality that they are people first and basketball is a tool to get them further in life, Steve is doing his best to give the next generation a chance in the real world. 

A Humble Soul

Coach Steve Novosel gives his best on a daily basis. Learn more about his humility.

Mr. Novosel is doing a job that is pretty much a thankless one. There are many coaches and teachers out there doing the same, and they are making a big impact on the kids they coach on a daily basis. His determination to teach humility and hard work has kept him in touch with past players who have gone on to graduate college or advance themselves in corporate positions in life.

Novosel: Character

Mr. Novosel’s attitude is not one of fame and notoriety, it is one of pure humility. It’s one of caring and understanding for youth who many people cast off to the side as just inner city lost souls. Steve sees more than that, he sees potential, and he continues to do his best to drag that potential out of each and every one of them.

What The Future Holds

The northeast boys’ basketball program is in good hands with Coach Steve Novosel.

Coach Novosel is looking to help grow the program. He provides his student athletes with the opportunity to stay out of the streets. In the classrooms and the gym is where he hopes to find his players.

He’s fund raised on his own and has also paid out of his own pocket. Soley to bring this experience to his players. This has helped build student athletes that have gone on to college and excel in their individual lives.

Mentor and Role Model

He continues to be a part of his players’ lives after they have moved on, and this says a lot about why he does what he does. We applaud and cheer on Mr. Novosel on his journey and look forward to helping him continue to make the necessary changes he has already been making.