Who Is Shelly Ann Fraser-Pryce?

Jamaican native who is only second to Florence Griffith Joyner and is currently the fastest woman in the world clocking at 10.63 seconds in the 100m dash on June 5, 2021.

The Climb To The Top

Who is Shelly Ann Fraser-Pryce? “The Pocket Rocket aka Mommy Rocket” was born in Kingston Jamaica, and came into prominence at the 2008 Beijing Olympics. Shelly ran alongside the fastest man in the world, Usain Bolt.  She came onto the scene earning her spot as 1 of 3 women in history to medal in three consecutive Olympics.  She would have won (3) consecutive gold medals but sustained an injury in the 2016  Rio Olympics.  She still thrived through her injury and earned a bronze medal for her country.

Shelly’s done a lot of winning throughout her career. For the Olympics in 2008 Beijing Games,  she won gold in the 100m. She mostly continued that winning in the time since. Pocket Rocket has six Olympic medals in total, two of which are gold from the 100m in 2008 and 2012. Ms. Fraser-Pryce also has 11 World Championship medals. Nine of those being gold, including wins in the 200-meter and the 4×100-meter relay. Her most recent gold medals came from 2019 World Championships in Doha. She was the first Jamaican woman to win the Gold in the 100, shocking considering Jamaica’s rich history of great runners.

Who is Shelly Ann Fraser-Pryce? :             A Winner

She didn’t win a third consecutive medal in the 2016 Games. She’d entered 2017 with plans of training and getting into the best shape possible to win again, but life took her on a quick detour. In March 2017 she announced she was pregnant and, naturally, was focusing on being the best mom she could possibly be. She had a baby boy, Zyon, but this powerful woman wasn’t done yet. She’s already proven she still has the speed, and the Jamaican track star can become the first woman to ever win three total women’s titles in the 100 with a win in Tokyo.

Can you imagine, giving birth, then coming back better than the field, and now having the opportunity to create a historical moment for all women? Yea, we can’t either.


Shelly earned a bachelors degree in child and adolescent development from the college of technology in Jamaica. Shelly Ann has supported many causes during her career, and is also an Ambassador for Grace Foods. She’s even created her own foundation that funds other student athletes to pursue their passions and personal endeavors. 

 Pocket Rocket Foundation:

“Ambassador Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce’s Legacy encompasses Passion & Purpose with the aim of leaving the sport better than she found it! #SportsandEducation #LastingChange Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce will always be remembered as the little Jamaican “Pocket Rocket” that could and did big things in the sporting arena both locally and internationally.”

The Future Is Bright

 On June 5, 2021, the “Mommy Rocket” has shown she will be looking to grab the gold medal at the Tokyo Olympics.  If she does win the gold, she will be the first woman in history to win 3 gold medals in the 100m.

The pressure is great, and falling short of these achievements may seem like a failure.  But, Shelly’s thoughts on her legacy suggest otherwise.

“I don’t pay much attention to where I fall in history. When I decide to leave the sport, I want to leave it better than I saw it. I want to make sure that other young athletes can see that you need to work hard, stay humble…and stay focused, and the sky is the limit.” — Fraser-Pryce on her legacy in track and field

Join us in wishing this amazing woman, mom, and athlete the best of luck on her journey to greatness.

World Record 100M

Check out Shelly’s 2021 World Record before her Olympic debut.