Who Is Simone The Greatest Ever Biles

She’s the most decorated gymnast of all time, and a woman who has not only set trends but has broken them as well. Ms. Biles is a woman for the ages, and one that will not soon be forgotten if we have anything to do with it. This Hometown Athlete is more than a woman, she is an Icon. We are proud to bring you Who Is Simone “The Greatest Ever” Biles.

The Climb To The Top

Simone reaches the highest level as an Olympian. Read more below.

Ms. Biles grew up in Spring, Texas, in the Houston area, after she and her sister Adria were adopted by their grandparents, Ronald and Nellie Biles. Simone became interested in gymnastics at age six during a day-care field trip to Bannon’s Gymnastix. She would remain there for 11 years under her coach, Aimee Boorman. Simone wood went on to compete in the floor exercise and win gold, while also winning a bronze medal in the vault at the Women’s Junior Olympic National Championships in 2010. Ms. Biles would be recognized as an elite level athlete and was brought into the fold of serious competition in 2011. In less than two years she dominated the sport. Her ability to stay consistent, perform highly difficult routines and moves, mixed with an amazing personality set her apart from the crowd. But it was mainly her ability to perform difficult routines in all four events, the uneven bars,vault, floor exercise, and the balance beam.

Ms. Biles really broke out and showed the world who she was in 2019. At the championships, she became the first gymnast in more than 60 years to win five gold medals,  which included one in the all-around event. Ms. Biles would go on to  by-pass Vitaly Scherbo of Belarus to become the gymnast with the most world championship medals (25) and counting. In 2019 she also won five medals at the U.S. national championships, four of which were gold. The Pandemic put a hold on events for 2020, but this  had little effect on Biles. During the 2021 U.S. Classic, she became the first female gymnast to land the sport’s most difficult vault, the Yurchenko double pike, during competition. Later that year she competed at the U.S. national championships, where she would win her seventh all-around title. She also captured three other gold medals and one bronze.

The 2020 Tokyo Games, which were delayed until 2021 were to be another big stage where Biles was expected to continue her dominance. However, she withdrew from most events due to “the twisties,” a mental block in which gymnasts lose their spatial orientation during aerial moves. This decision not to compete sparked discussions about the pressure placed on athletes and their mental health concerns. There was a lot of criticism that came her way, but Simone handled it with grace and civility like the champion individual she is. Biles did return for the final event, the balance beam, and she won a bronze medal.

The Future Is Bright

Simone is one of the most prolific athletes of all time.

Since her Olympic debut, Simone is the first woman gymnast to win three consecutive World all-around titles. She also has the most World Championship gold medals won by a female gymnast.  Lastly, she has been undefeated in all-around competition since 2013.

Simone’s success has earned honors from every direction. She has and continues to receive high praise from peers and Olympic legends alike. She has been dubbed “the most talented gymnast of all-time.” She is well on her way to becoming one of the best gymnasts in the history of the sport. We give all the flowers to Ms. Biles and we wish this Hometown Athlete much success and happiness to come. 


A true teammate and Olympic superstar in the gymnast community.

She may be a big figure in the sports world, but she has an even bigger heart. Simone was born to a mother addicted to drugs and alcohol. She was placed in foster care at age 3 before she was adopted by her maternal grandparents. Ms. Biles states,

“I was so young, I didn’t quite understand what was going on,”. She recalls kids coming to the foster home with nothing but clothes in their backpacks. 

It was memories like these that drove her to partner with Mattress Firm Foster Kids. She continues to contribute to the donation-driven program and has given more than 610,000 items like clothes and school supplies to foster parents and kids. 

Simone has fought abuse covered up in the gymnastic world, and ADHD without breaking in the public eye. Her strength goes far beyond the mat, and it reaches young women around the world. Her bravery allows many to stand up and fight, even in the face of uncertainty.