Who Is Zion No Excuses Clark

Zion Clark is a man you look to when you’re ever feeling sorry for yourself, he’s a man you look to when things feel impossible, and he’s a man you look to when you make excuses. Because he’s the kind of man who has “No Excuses”. Check out who this Hometown Athlete is, and be amazed.

The Climb To The Top

    If you want to see what the human spirit is capable of, look no further than Zion Clark. Most of us wouldn’t be able to walk a mile in his shoes, even if he had them. Zion was born without legs due to Caudal Regression Syndrome. He was tossed into the foster care system from a young age. Zion bounced from home to home, and even that couldn’t stop him from achieving his goals. Mr. Clark is always  going above and beyond what people would say is humanly possible. It was in 2015 that Zion was adopted by Kimberli Hawkins. She was a mother of two who had an instant bond with Zion after she met him. The Hawkins household provided love and stability for Zion as he worked to do amazing things with his life.

Early Life: Zion Clark

   Zion picked up wrestling at the age of two and spent most of his free time wrestling for fun. While in grade two, he was encouraged by his Art teacher who was also a wrestling coach to pick up the sport full time. Zion took the advice of his teacher and started wrestling until high school. Mr. Clark attended Massillon Washington High School in northeast Ohio. He quickly signed up for the school’s wrestling team and made the roster. Zion would go on to lose all his games in his junior year. But his determination wouldn’t allow him to stay down on the mat for long. He  trained harder, getting up daily to build his skill set, and strength.  Clark would eventually make it to the semi-finals in the championships his senior year.  

College: Zion

   He would finish the season 33-15 and one match short of qualifying for the D-I Ohio High School State Wrestling Championships. Zion wrestled his opponent who was 20 pounds heavier beyond the 6 minutes of regulation, and into 2 overtimes. He would lose 1-0 but his fight is one for the record books. One the crowd would never forget and one that defined the heart of a Lion named Zion Clark. 

  His hard work and “No Excuses” attitude saw him recruited by multiple colleges which found him choosing Kent State University. Zion would wrestle for the school team and pursue his Business Management Degree.


Mr. Clark is a motivational speaker and aspiring Olympian. He has a book out as well as a Netflix documentary motivating people to be “Greater than the obstacles you face”. Clark’s message of perseverance and self accountability is one everyone should pay attention to and work to achieve. 

The Future Is Bright

Zion had to put his wrestling dreams on hold due to a shoulder injury, but he has shifted his focus to wheelchair racing, already having success in the sport Zion looks to become a champion in this arena. Something tells us he will achieve whatever it is he puts his mind to. We at Findaballer salute this Hometown Athlete and wish him the best of luck in the near future. Check out more on Zion and what he’s up to on his website https://zionclark.com/