Findaballer partnered with Doris Dwek Events to bring instructor coaches/chaperones. The Bar Mitzvah event was held at the Heschel school in Manhattan.  Findaballer provides instructors to assist with facilitation of activities and sports tournaments.  Findaballer arrived as the families completed their prayers.  There was sushi, games, and ice cream to set off the activities. In the end, happy families and growing children filled the school on a Saturday to commemorate a young man’s rite of passage.

Heschel School

Founded in 1981, the school has an enrollment of just over 1000 students.  The values of this school were founded by one of the most well-respected Rabbi’s in the Jewish community. Rabbi Abraham Joshua Heschel, who marched with Martin Luther King Jr. during the civil rights era, is an example to the board of the Heschel school. “Named after one of the great Jewish leaders, teachers, and activists of the twentieth century, The Heschel School opened with a commitment to creating a pluralistic Jewish community dedicated to the values that characterized Rabbi Heschel’s life: intellectual exploration, respect, integrity, love of the Jewish people and tradition, and a commitment to social justice.” (The Heschel School)

Doris Dwek Events

My passion for planning events began 16 years ago while hosting my daughters first birthday party. I was determined to totally transform my home for my daughter & her “little” guests into a magical party experience that they would remember for a long time.  Parents began approaching me to plan their children’s parties. From there Doris Dwek Events took off and flourished into something very exciting in my life.
I would describe my personal event style as whimsical yet sophisticated. I believe that the best part about any event is in the details. Beginning with a spectacular, customized invitation that creates a buzz, to decor that tells an amazing story, to choosing unique entertainment that compliments the theme.
These events are usually milestones in my clients lives & I strive to make them one of a kind & unforgettable. I like to sit and get to know my client’s personalities so together we can create a magical atmosphere that reflects their tastes and their personalities in every aspect of the party. No two clients are alike; therefore, no two events are alike. Each is custom & tailor made to fit the client’s needs.

Bar Mitzvah

The Bar Mitzvah is considered a rite of passage for young boys of the Jewish faith.  A Bar (boy)/Bat (girl) Mitzvah is the time when the person changes from child to an accountable and more mature individual. It also symbolizes religious maturity.

For Boys, it is at the age of 13. But, for girls the celebration can be at the age of 12. What it means is that he/she has reached the age at which he/she is responsible for his actions.  They are to follow the laws in the Torah. In the Talmud it states that in the first public reading of the Torah.  After ones Bar Mitzvah he should be one of the readers to show the community, he is able to enter into legal contracts and is available for marriage.

Basketball Games

Findaballer provided instructors for the young children. The instructors helped them to communicate and have fun with their activities.   Their friends get together and decide what type of competitions they want. And the coaches help them set up the sport or activity.  This time at the Heschel school we are assisting with a basketball tournament.  We provide a fusion of instruction and officiating. Our strategy is to help the kids learn the game while having fun.

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Findaballer Instructors helping at a Bar Mitzvah at the Heschel School.